Thrifted Barbiecore looks

The Barbie movie is taking the world by storm—with no signs of the momentum slowing down anytime soon! Social feeds are filled with a frenzy of Barbie parties, products and of course, a lot of pink. It’s even started a viral fashion trend—Barbiecore. No surprise, it does involve wearing the doll’s trademark pink—but it’s also about mixing and matching any vibrant colors and adding in bold patterns.  

Before heading to Goodwill Southeast Georgia’s Berwick retail store to do a Barbiecore deep dive, I looked up some inspiration online. To be honest, I was floored by some of the price tags on the looks I found. The good news: you can easily create your Barbiecore look with an affordable trip to Goodwill. I loved all the fun pieces I found in less than an hour at the Berwick store. You can easily transform into a Barbie or Ken to be proud of! C’mon ***let’s go party*** 

Unleash your Inner Barbie Chic

Right away I was drawn in by this bright Barbie pink tank. The bow adds a fun, feminine touch the iconic doll is known for. Channeling some of Barbie’s fearlessness with bold colors, I soon came upon this bright jacket that could easily be thrown overtop after the sun goes down.  

Pink bebe boot and fushia pumps

You can just as easily find Barbie in a cute pair of sneakers as you could in some classic pumps—but today, these hot pink pumps caught my eye! And right nearby, some adorable pink boots for Barbies youngest companions 

Finally, some tropical prints and colors bring some carefree fun into Barbie’s day! I found a pink sundress, and two teal cropped tanks that fit the bill!

Ken's Closet: Channeling Barbie's Beau

Despite the name, Barbiecore isn’t just about feminine styles—let’s give our Ken’s some love too! Same rules apply—I was thinking bold colors, “day at the beach”, and a little bit of a retro feel with these finds.  

First up—Ken’s classic beach look. These vibrant colors are just as bold as Barbie’s, but also coordinate nicely with the overall Barbie color palette. If Barbie is going with a pattern, Ken can also stick with a nice solid bright color and still look great!  


Now to my favorite Ken find—a retro short-sleeve that gives me "Saved by the Bell" vibes. **chef’s kiss** 

Create your own DreamHouse

You can bring Barbiecore home with you! If you’re hosting a Barbie-themed party, you can step up the DreamHouse feel with a few small touches. On my store visit, I found fun quilts, wall décor, vases and more that embody the Barbie lifestyle. It’s all about seizing the day, embracing adventures, and approaching every situation seeing its potential for fun!

Share your looks with us!

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Ashlyn Flowers

Ashlyn Flowers

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