Goodwill Southeast Georgia is excited to celebrate Goodwill Week May 5-11!

This is an annual celebration to remind the community of the no-cost educational and training resources available through Goodwill. We are more than a thrift store! Since 1965, Goodwill Southeast Georgia has helped people find pathways to a career, support their families, and feel the satisfaction that comes from stable employment. We invite you to be curious and get to know us a little better during Goodwill Week.

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Richard found himself navigating a series of challenges before he came to Goodwill Southeast Georgia’s Waycross Opportunity Center.

He was having difficulties finding long-term employment in his home state of Florida. Without a steady paycheck, Richard fell behind on child support payments, which led to the suspension of his driver’s license.

Determined to turn things around, Richard borrowed $300 and took an Uber to St. George, Georgia, hoping for a fresh start.

However, the initial transition was far from smooth. Richard encountered legal issues and a deputy gave him a ride to Folkston. It was a larger city than St. George, but Richard still wasn’t sure where to start. He only had the bag he carried with him and the shoes on his feet.

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Richard was at a crossroads. One day, while at a Burger King, he met Ms. Marie Champagne, the career service specialist at the Waycross Opportunity Center.

Richard says Ms. Champagne ‘went out of her way’ to offer him guidance and support. She provided him with valuable information about local services. Her encouragement provided opportunity and hope for Richard.

With the help of Goodwill Southeast Georgia and Ms. Champagne, Richard was able to secure employment at Highway 55. He says his new employer is a stark contrast to his previous job where he faced a difficult work environment. At his new job, everyone is kind and respectful, a change that greatly improved Richard's quality of life.

The impact of Goodwill's intervention is transformative. Not only did it provide Richard with immediate assistance, but it also paving the way for future opportunities. Richard is now planning to return to school at Coastal Pines Technical College.

With the support of Goodwill Southeast Georgia, Richard is now able to envision and build a brighter future for himself through education, skills training and employment opportunities.

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Ashlyn Flowers

Ashlyn Flowers

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