Veronica's Milestone Journey at G-Force Manufacturing

Veronica began her journey at Goodwill as a donor greeter, witnessing the opening of the ‘life cycle’ of a donation.

“When they brought the donations in, I would receive them,” she recalls.

She would send the donated items on their way to processing, where they were sorted and graded before heading to the retail stores. These sales not only give the items a second life but also fund education and training opportunities at local Goodwill Opportunity Centers.

Just like the donations she helped bring through Goodwill’s doors, Veronica had an exciting journey ahead.

She soon took on a new role at one of Goodwill’s contract sites, where any clothing unfit for sale was turned into rags to wipe down jets at local plants.

One day, her manager approached her with an exciting opportunity. “He asked me, ‘Would you come over (to the manufacturing plant) and look at it and see how you like it? I would love for you to work over there.’”

Veronica gave it a try and quickly realized she enjoyed the new role. “I stayed there for a couple of days. I said, I like this.”

Now, Veronica is getting ready to celebrate 30 years with Goodwill Southeast Georgia at its G-Force Manufacturing program.

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During her time at G-Force, she has picked up many skills, including industrial sewing and cutting fiberglass and skin tape for components. Her leadership on the production floor eventually led her to her current supervisor position.

For Veronica, one of the most rewarding aspects of her job is working with Associates and helping them overcome barriers.

She finds joy in supporting others. “It feels good, make you feel good helping them and giving them the confidence that they need to achieve their goals.”

Goodwill has also had a profound impact on Veronica’s personal life, especially in raising her children. “Goodwill really helped with raising my kids, the hours I needed for work. And at that time my children were small, and they worked with me (on my hours) and that's one of my greatest accomplishments because (my children) are all grown and doing well.”

Veronica wants others to know about the opportunities at Goodwill. “We give everybody an opportunity to do the best job that they can do. And sometimes they don't realize and think that they can’t do the job. Because just by looking at it, it might seem hard, but once they get into the role and it's so easy for them, then I encourage them to go further.”

She emphasizes that working at Goodwill can be a pathway to a long-term, sustainable career. “(Goodwill and G-Force Manufacturing) may be just a steppingstone for you. You know, you can go other places. And we have had people that worked here before and they're working at Gulfstream now.”

A Great Place to Grow.

We're more than a store--we're a social enterprise. When you work for Goodwill, you invest in yourself and in our community.

Ashlyn Flowers

Ashlyn Flowers

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