From Dreams to Reality: Nyheem Houston's Signing Day

“He has walked through every wall. He has jumped every hurdle. He has met every deadline, and that's why he's here today. The stage is yours, young man."

Peggy Burgoon, Manager of Associate Success, hugs Nyheem Houston, a Goodwill Associate, after he announces his academic commitment to Savannah Tech.
Peggy Burgoon, Manager of Associate Success, hugs Nyheem Houston, a Goodwill Associate, after he announces his academic commitment to Savannah Tech.

Peggy Burgoon, the Manager of Associate Success at Goodwill Southeast Georgia, beamed with pride as she introduced the audience in the board room to Nyheem Houston, an associate at the Wilmington Island store, on Thursday, August 10.

Nyheem was the guest of honor at Goodwill Southeast Georgia’s first Associate Success “Signing Day”, to announce his commitment to attend Savannah Tech in its Avionics Luxury Craft Cabinetmaking program.

Nyheem stood before the gathered audience and expressed his gratitude.

"I want to start off by saying thank God first, without God, that none of this would be possible. I want to thank my mom. I want to thank my sister. I want to thank everybody in Goodwill.”

Nyheem Houston, his family and supporters from Goodwill Southeast Georgia and Savannah Tech

He explained how his encounter with “Ms. Peggy” had set his life on a new trajectory, leading him to meet and work with Marcy Hayden-Frasure, a Goodwill Success Ambassador. He recounted how he had shared his dreams and aspirations with them, expressing his uncertainty about the path forward.

“(Ms. Peggy) said, I will....emphasis on will....I WILL get you to where you need to be. So, thank you. If I had to describe Ms. Peggy and Ms. Marcy, I would say they were the bridge. They were the bridge that put my dreams in reality.”

Nyheem Houston and Marcy Hayden-Frasure
Nyheem Houston hugs Marcy Hayden-Frasure, the Goodwill Success Ambassador Houston worked with to create a plan to reach his goals.

Associates can work with Success Ambassadors to ensure they have every opportunity to find their own level of success as well as help build a brighter future. The Associate Success Ambassadors will assist the associates with career planning, life coaching, educational goals and removing barriers through coaching, mentoring, and guidance.

Nyheem emphasized the Goodwill Success Ambassadors provided the necessary support, guidance, and encouragement to propel him toward his goals.

“Years from now when I'm sitting back reflecting on my life, I can say that Goodwill had a huge hand in getting me to where I need to be. So, thank y'all. "

Nyheem Houston reveals his school decision.
Nyheem Houston announces his academic commitment in classic "signing day" fashion, turning around and putting on a cap with the Savannah Tech logo. Beside him is Marcy Hayden Frasure, Goodwill Success Ambassador (left) and Patricia Boyles, Academic Advisor for the Aviation Division at Savannah Tech (right).

Nyheem was presented with a certificate reading, "My future is secure with Goodwill Southeast Georgia." This certificate represented not only Nyheem's achievement but also the collective effort that had brought him to this point.

In classic signing day fashion, Nyheem revealed his decision to attend Savannah Tech by turning over and putting on a cap with the school’s logo. He, along with Ms. Hayden-Frasure, and Patricia Boyles, his academic advisor at Savannah Tech, signed his certificate to commemorate his decision.

“(Nyheem), We will continue to walk with you. Through it, after it, into your future. I hope to hear from you in 20 years. And you got some kids and a family…I hope to hear that, and I know I'm going to,” said Burgoon.

As Goodwill Southeast Georgia celebrates its first Associate Success Signing Day, the event serves as a reminder that the journey toward success is not a solitary one. It is a collective effort, fueled by determination, support, and the belief that every individual has the power to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. Nyheem's journey has just begun, and as he takes steps into his bright future, he carries with him the assurance that Goodwill will always be there – a steadfast companion on his path to greatness.

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