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College is a time of learning who YOU are and settling into your own style as an adult. One of the first ways you can test out this new freedom is by customizing your dorm room and making it uniquely you. It’s easy to go on a shopping spree picking out all the best accessories and stylish accents...only to get to the register and find out it’s going to take some of your textbook (let’s get real--pizza) money to cover the bill.

The good news is Goodwill Southeast Georgia can offer you the same top trends you are looking for—at a fraction of the price. So, let’s go shopping! For this adventure, I stopped by the Pooler Goodwill to see what I could find. I’m happy to say, it only took about an hour, and I spotted all the great finds you’ll see below.

Sittin' pretty

minimalist desk chair

Goodwill Southeast Georgia has a lot of great furniture!  While you’re probably not in the market for a full-size couch or a big set of drawers—you may be looking for some seating for a mini desk space or for guests. I found this great minimalist desk chair that would fit with any décor and create a clean look for your space.

A "pop" of personality

dorm sweet dorm wall sign
Paris Eiffel tower wall sign
carpe diem wall sign
a collection of wall signs

Posters are great—but canvas and wooden wall signs give a more elevated look to your room while still providing a "pop" of personality. I found some high quality, modern signs starting at just 99 cents!

Stackable storage

Sometimes space can come at a premium in dorm rooms—making it a smart choice to invest in some stackable storage. These crates and boxes are easily tucked away under your bed and provide some organization for art supplies, board games, extra sweaters and clothes, you name it. I found some solid plastic crates for $1.99 apiece. I also spotted some soft-sided collapsible crates in the same price range.

Polaroid prints

Polaroid picture frame

Photo collages are a fantastic way to --quite literally --create a timeline of your top moments of the semester. This cute little frame makes it easy for you to quickly hang up some of your favorite shots and switch them out as new ones come along.

Fuel up: mini coffee station

You’ll quickly see the value of having your own coffee station in your room. You can find all the pieces you need at Goodwill! Whether it’s a cute rack to hang some mugs, some coffee-related décor to spice it up, or even the coffee maker itself, we’ve got you covered!

Eclectic and retro décor

collection of clocks

What’s old is new again! Eclectic and retro looks are back in style. You're sure to find all sorts of unique pieces at Goodwill. I found a cool collection of clocks on this visit, but Goodwill Southeast Georgia frequently gets in collectibles as well!

Ashlyn Flowers

Ashlyn Flowers

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