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Four Fantastic Costumes Using Black Separates

Goodwill Southeast Georgia’s 8 Boo-tiques are officially open, making it a breeze for you to craft an extraordinary costume without haunting your budget or driving yourself batty over how to make it unforgettable. The best part? You can conjure up some seriously creative outfits using simple black attire, and we've got all the eerie accessories and finishing touches you need to look spooktacular!

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This time, we're diving into the world of classic Halloween colors, starting with the enigmatic black. We've brewed up four hair-raising ideas that begin with a black shirt, black jeans or pants, and some black shoes. If you were grabbing all of that from Goodwill, it would only cost about $15 on average.

But here's the real treat: every item you purchase gets a second life, steering clear of the sinister landfill fate. Plus, when you shop at Goodwill, you're not just getting a costume; you're helping fellow members of our community connect with the vital support, training, and job opportunities they need.

Now that you know about the bonus treat behind Halloween shopping at Goodwill, let's dive into the spooky fun of transforming these basics into four bewitching costumes!

Skeletal Spectacle

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You'll need: Black shirt, black jeans, chalk, scissors, and a white or contrasting top.

If you enjoy a little DIY or crafting with your costume, this one's for you—no bones about it! There are two easy ways to morph your black separates into a classic skeleton Jack Skellington would be proud of. Option one (as seen in the shirt below): sketch out a skeletal design on your black shirt using chalk. Once you're satisfied with the layout, use sharp scissors to cut out each piece. Complete the look by wearing a bone-white or contrasting top underneath! Option two: use a paint marker to outline your design (you can spot an example on the jeans below)!

Whiskers and Hats


You'll need: Black shirt, black pants, black shoes, white fabric, fabric glue, hat accessory, ribbon.

A beloved rhyming picture-book character can be effortlessly brought to life with similar base supplies. Cut the white fabric to craft the Cat's white belly, attaching it to your black shirt with fabric glue. Goodwill is a treasure trove of whimsical accessories, such as this headband version of the Cat's hat.

Mouse Magic


You'll need: Black shirt, black leggings, black shoes, mouse ears accessory, gloves, red & white patterned dress or romper.

A classic cartoon springs to life with this costume. No assembly required, and once again, Goodwill provides all the accessories needed here!



You'll need: Black shirt, black leggings, black shoes, cat ears accessory, iron-on letters.

A “punny” twist on a classic costume! Iron on “copy” to the black shirt, and you’re all set for some Halloween hilarity! Copy that!

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Ashlyn Flowers

Ashlyn Flowers

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