Clean Out Your Closet Week Day 2: Say Goodbye to Duplicates


There’s no need for three of a kind! Consider cutting down on any similar items taking up space in your home. Here’s a look at some common duplicates—and remember, there’s more than one type of closet! You can think beyond your clothes closet to the kitchen, game room, garage, your bookshelf and more.

Kitchen: mugs, spatulas, whisks, spoons, cutting boards, rolling pins, storage containers, rice cooker, slowcooker, instapot

Game room: puzzles, balls, blocks, board games

Garage: hobby materials, sports equipment

Bookshelf: novels you’ve already read, manuals and books for classes already completed

You may have seen Jessica C. Penny, our Vice President of Donated Goods, share our Goodwill ‘Get Organized’ Challenge, with some great ideas on how to get started.

Here are four questions you can ask yourself to get started on the Goodwill ‘Get Organized’ Challenge today:

  • Have I used it in the last year?
  • Does it still bring me joy?
  • Do I have multiples of the same item?
  • Does this fit my current lifestyle?

Remember, every bag of donations directly funds 2 hours of training at our 5 regional Opportunity Centers. This opens the door to a variety of free services—like pursuing a certification, receiving career coaching, or mastering mock interviews.

It’s surprising what just one pair of jeans can do! Take a look:


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Ashlyn Flowers

Ashlyn Flowers

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