Treasure Hunting at Goodwill
Treasure Hunting at Goodwill: A $4.99 Surprise Find and a Collector's Paradise!

Ah, the joy of a Goodwill find. You never know what you might find in our retail stores, and that’s part of the fun of shopping at Goodwill! Our production techs work each day to sort and identify quality items our shoppers are looking for.  

It’s not just clothing and housewares. Goodwill is a treasure trove for collectors, hobbyists, and enthusiasts of all kinds, whether you are a gamer, comic book reader, sports fan or more! 

I’ve recently returned to a gaming hobby, ordering parts and building my own PC back in 2020. The hobby started back in third grade, when my reward for straight-A's on my report card was my very own Gameboy SP (in blue, my favorite color, no less!). One of my favorite games was Harvest Moon, and I would sneak in one more nighttime round of caring for my chickens and cows under the covers before my mom inevitably caught onto my charade. 

A Gameboy Advance SP and games, circa 2003.
A Gameboy Advance SP and games, circa 2003.

Imagine the nostalgic rush when I finally caught up to the Stardew Valley hype train in my 20’s, after a long hiatus from gaming. Stardew scratched that “Harvest Moon” itch that I didn’t know still existed. But after a long day at work, it was the perfect way to unwind while still using some brain waves with some light strategy.  

And that’s exactly why one Goodwill Find caught my eye online recently. 

Yes, that is the now out-of-stock, limited edition Stardew Valley Board game! It goes for prices of at least $100 with secondhand sellers online. But this lucky Reddit user found it at a Goodwill retail store (with all the pieces!) for $4.99. The comment thread abounds with other joyful gamers rejoicing in this victory, and frankly some awesome puns.  

TL/DR: PSA to gamers, collectors and more out there, Goodwill has treasures!

Here at Goodwill Southeast Georgia, we keep collectors in mind, whether they are visiting our retail stores, outlets, or browsing our ECommerce shopping platform,

On, there is a specific collectables category, which is also sortable into other sub-categories including comic books, figurines, trading cards (sports and games) and more! There is also a gaming system and games page. New deals go up for bidding each day.

A quick cruise through the items available from Goodwill Southeast Georgia this week netted listings on Squishmallows (which I know from my niece are all the rage with the younger ones!), a Tom Glavine bobblehead, a set of UGA Bulldogs National Champions Coca-Cola Bottles, Funko Pops, and more! Click below to expand the photos and see the finds for yourself.

Every Purchase Powers the Goodwill mission.

At Goodwill Southeast Georgia, we help people facing barriers find jobs. You can shop for your new favorite collectible knowing your purchase benefits your neighbors!

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