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Four Classic Character Costumes: Thrifted Edition

Goodwill Southeast Georgia’s 8 Boo-tiques are open now, making it a breeze for you to craft an extraordinary costume without haunting your budget or driving yourself batty over how to make it unforgettable.

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Goodwill’s 2023 Halloween survey reveals iconic looks like witches, ghosts, zombies and werewolves are one of the most popular costume categories this year! Nearly 28% of people dressing up this year plan to wear a classic costume. It’s easy to create spooktacular streetwear with items you find at Goodwill. You can even add your own twist in the process! (Victorian Ghost or Punk Zombie anyone?) Let the haunt begin!

Halloween 2023 Matchup


Thrifted Goodwill Vampire costume

You'll need: loose, white shirt, black pants, red fabric, cape, teeth and amulet accessories.

You can count on this monster to bring the fright to the party! Look for a loose, puffy white shirt, a cape and black pants. A wide piece of red fabric, a cummerbund or scarf tied around the waist can create that classic look. You can find all the finishing touches you need inside our stores—check out the accessories for something that looks like an amulet.


Thrifted Goodwill pirate costume

You'll need: loose, white shirt, black pants, red fabric, skull, hat and fake sword accessories.

Need a second costume quickly? If you can make the vampire, you can quickly flip into a pirate with just a few extra pieces! Use the white shirt and black pants from before. Add skull and crossbones --or whatever symbol your pirate would raise on a ship’s flag—to the fabric tied around your waist. Grab your pirate hat and fake sword from our accessories section and you’re ready to sail the high seas!



You'll need: black dress with white accents, black wig, black sneakers or pumps.

This teenager from one of Halloween’s most famous families is more popular than ever thanks to the hit streaming show. Like her personality, Wednesday’s look is straightforward with a streak of punk attitude! Look for a black, a-frame dress with white accents. Or grab some fabric and add some cuffs to a plain black dress. Lean into the punk look with some black tennis shoes or go classic with black pumps.


Thrifted Goodwill Werewolf costume

You'll need: faux fur vest and accessories, quilted jacket, down vest, jeans.

You’ll have a hair-raising good time as this classic monster! Look for faux fur clothing to create your beastly accessories. On this trip, I located some pre-made werewolf gloves-check! For the chest, I found a faux fur vest. Extra pieces of fur could be cut from the part of the fur vest covered by the quilted jacket and down vest. These could be used to make ear accessories for your head! Add some jeans to give a clue as to who the werewolf was before transformation. Then it’s time to have some frightful fun!

Bonus Costume: Back to an Old Favorite!


You'll need: Rock t-shirt, quilted jacket, down vest, jeans and white sneakers.

This one is a little more lighthearted than the rest, but still just as classic! I couldn’t help but see some key notes of the 80’s when I was thrifting the werewolf. Remove all of the fur, add a t-shirt layer with a nod to Marty’s love of music, and sport some white sneakers…and POOF! Another transformation made, and you don’t even need a time machine!

Here’s some real Halloween magic: every item you purchase at Goodwill gets a second life, steering clear of the sinister landfill fate. Plus, when you shop at Goodwill, you're not just getting a costume; you're helping fellow members of our community connect with the vital support, training, and job opportunities they need.

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Ashlyn Flowers

Ashlyn Flowers

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