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Congratulations, Champions! Goodwill at the 2023 LDSS Night of Champions

2023 LDSS Champions
Two Goodwill Associates, Charlotte Quaile and Erik Virgil, are in the 2023 Class of LDSS Champions.

It’s an exciting time for Goodwill Southeast Georgia! Last week, we celebrated Goodwill Week with events across our now five Opportunity Centers—including the opening of the Jesup location. We closed out the week with two of our fabulous Associates receiving big honors at the Night of Champions. 

The Night of Champions is an annual event organized by the Lowcountry Down Syndrome Society. This year, there was reason for extra excitement, as our Associates Erik Virgil and Charlotte Quaile were selected as Champions! 

Quaile is a production technician who has worked with Goodwill for 39 years. She processes 200 to 300 clothing items a day, getting them ready for the sales floor. 

“I like my job and I like everybody that works with me,” says Quaile. 

Erik Virgil works as an Ebooks clerk at the McAlpin store off Victory Drive in Savannah. He’s been with Goodwill for almost 7 years. 

“My team is awesome. I love working with them. It’s teamwork. It can’t get any better than that,” says Virgil. 

If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Erik and Charlotte, it’s easy to see why they were selected as 2023 Champions. Both have warm personalities that light up a room and the lives of other Goodwill associates they work with. 

“It’s been an extreme blessing to work with (Charlotte), she is one of the reasons I come to work,” says Kamena Lee, Senior Unit Manager at Goodwill Southeast Georgia. “All she does is laugh and have fun with the team. The team is excited for her to be there.” 

“Erik is a very hard worker. He is very conscientious, and it shows in the quality of his work,” says William Gardner, team leader. “He’s always willing to go above and beyond, always asking questions and always ready to learn any new skills. He doesn’t let unfamiliarity hinder him from anything.” 

It was wonderful to see Charlotte and Erik honored! Daniel Rock from Rock Media Productions worked with LDSS to create these profile videos of Charlotte and Erik for the Night of Champions event. You can watch them below.  

There is so much to share about Erik and Charlotte’s impact on Goodwill. Charlotte detailed her journey in an interview with WTGS at the Night of Champions event Friday night. Also at the event, Erik shared an inspiring speech as he received his Champions honor. You can hear portions of the speech below!

We are so proud of you both, Erik and Charlotte! Thank you for kindness, dedication and inspiring work for Goodwill Southeast Georgia!  

“(Erik) always finds different ways to get the job done no matter what,” says Gardner.  

“(Charlotte) is valued. She’s a valued individual. I think people miss out on hiring people with different abilities. I think everyone should get the chance to work,” says Lee.  

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