Thrift Crawl 2023 (2)

We’re celebrating a third amazing year of our Goodwill Thrift Crawl! Our 25 thrift crawlers who joined us this year brought fantastic energy and truly made it an awesome day.  

With the promise of exclusive discounts, VIP treatment, and a deeper insight into Goodwill's local impact, participants hopped on the Thrift Mobile, embarking on a fun-filled journey across three local Goodwill stores. Let's relive the highlights of this fantastic event. 

A multi-store adventure

2023 Thrift Crawlers departing Thrift Mobile

Thrifting enthusiasts gathered Saturday morning for a one-of-a-kind adventure. The Thrift Mobile took them to three carefully selected Goodwill stores - Rincon, Pooler, and Richmond Hill. Each store welcomed attendees with open arms and an abundance of treasures waiting to be found. 

VIP treatment all the way

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From the moment attendees stepped off the Thrift Mobile, they were treated like VIPs. The exclusive welcome for thrift crawlers at each store provided them with snacks and goodies to help keep energy high as they shopped the racks and shelves at their own pace. The VIP treatment didn't stop there - participants were also granted a 15% discount on their purchases during the event! 

Goodwill mission insights

Goodwill Opportunity Center tour

Beyond the racks of clothing and shelves of goods, the Thrift Crawl also offered participants a glimpse into the meaningful impact of Goodwill Southeast Georgia in the local community. Exclusive tours of the Savannah Headquarters introduced thrift crawlers to the “Cycle of Good”. They saw how donations are processed, creating a more sustainable environment by giving items a second life and keeping them out of the landfill. They also toured the Opportunity Center, which is funded by sales in Goodwill retail stores. Thrift crawlers learned people can access skills training, job placement resources and one-on-one support for free at the Opportunity Centers. These centers remove barriers so clients can be empowered to take the next step into a sustainable, mid-wage job.   

More fun surprises

Richmond Hill VIP section

The opportunity to connect with fellow thrift enthusiasts and share stories added an element of camaraderie to the event. 

The Thrift Crawl's final stop, Richmond Hill, offered a delightful surprise - a curated VIP section featuring a 360-photo booth. This unique addition allowed participants to capture the memories and treasures they had discovered throughout the day. 

Goodwill Southeast Georgia’s 2023 Thrift Crawl united thrifting enthusiasts, showcased the organization's local impact, and celebrated the joy of treasure hunting. It left participants with memories to cherish and a renewed appreciation for the world of thrifting. As the Thrift Mobile made its way back, it carried with it not just shoppers, but a sense of community, discovery, and the shared love for sustainable shopping. Until next year's Thrift Crawl, let the memories of this fantastic journey inspire you to continue embracing the thrill of thrifting and the power of giving back! 

Ashlyn Flowers

Ashlyn Flowers

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