🌟Goodwill at Savannah's St. Patrick's Day Parade 🍀

At Goodwill Southeast Georgia, we're all about helping people discover their golden opportunities. Whether it's finding a fulfilling career path, grabbing a great deal in our retail stores, or simply spreading positivity throughout our community, we're here to make a difference!

And what better way to spread that message than by participating in the City of Savannah's 200th St. Patrick's Day parade? It was an honor to be a part of such a historic celebration, and we made sure to bring our A-game!

Our float featured more than 80 individual pieces of clothing, carefully hung on a specially designed arch-- forming a vibrant rainbow when viewed all together! As the clothes cascaded down into a donation gaylord, it illustrated how each individual donation contributes to making something truly beautiful – we call it the Cycle of Good.


Whether you're donating, shopping, rounding up your purchase at the register, or visiting one of our Opportunity Centers, you're playing a vital role in creating positive change in your community. Every action, no matter how small, leads to something good happening around us.

Thanks to your generosity, we're able to create brighter futures across our 33-county service area. The sale of donated goods at our retail stores directly supports our 5 regional Opportunity Centers, where individuals receive transformative career development services. And the numbers speak for themselves – through February of 2024, our Opportunity Centers have provided career development services to 865 people, with 86 placed into sustainable, mid-wage employment as a direct result of our services.


When you visit Goodwill, we want you to experience more than just lucky finds – we want you to envision the bright futures you're helping to create with each donation and purchase. Together, we're making a real difference, one item at a time.

Join in the March 'Gladness'!

Visit one of our convenient donation centers or round up your purchase at our retail stores. Thank you--your generosity supports our Opportunity Centers!

Ashlyn Flowers

Ashlyn Flowers

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