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Unlocking Potential: Alberto's AbilityOne Experience

Each year, October is recognized as National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), recognizing the importance of ensuring all people have equal opportunity to contribute their skills and talents. At Goodwill, we recognize that every Associate adds crucial value to our organization.

Goodwill’s AbilityOne program provides individuals with differing abilities the opportunity to develop their work readiness skills through on-the-job training, education, and personal growth. This program is designed to build confidence and expertise while preparing individuals for successful competitive employment.

That’s certainly been the case for Alberto, who is also part of the national Goodwill New Lives campaign, showing how your donations help change lives. He's one of several Associates here at Goodwill Southeast Georgia who shared their stories as part of this campaign. We're so proud of each of them. You can learn more about their stories here.

Alberto is known for his kindness, hard work and attention to detail. He’s recently celebrated 15 years as a Goodwill Associate within the AbilityOne program. Alberto’s work has been recognized and commended by his team at his Fort Stewart work site.


“I would say (Goodwill) is the best place, and it will teach you teamwork,” says Alberto. “I’d recommend it to anybody.”

In 2021, Alberto received an award for his accomplishments and work ethic from a local organization dedicated to honoring those with disabilities in the workforce.

“It’s been an honor to work with this company, and it’s been a pleasure to work with all of them,” Alberto added.

This month, the outstanding efforts of Alberto and his fellow AbilityOne Associates at Fort Stewart were officially recognized by Hinesville Mayor Allen Brown. The Mayor proclaimed October as National Disability Employment Awareness Month in Hinesville and expressed his gratitude to the Goodwill AbilityOne Associates for their hard work.

Hinesville NDEAM proclamation 2023

This month, we've also shared stories about our AbilityOne Associates working in Savannah and Brunswick.

We are immensely proud to collaborate with leaders in all three cities to convey the vital message that people with differing abilities bring immense value and talent to our workplaces and communities. While October is a great time to share this message, we're committed to raising awareness year-round. We're always accepting applications for our AbilityOne program!


Interested in learning more about AbilityOne?

Review the training program, accepted documentation, and apply today!

Ashlyn Flowers

Ashlyn Flowers

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