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By: Felicia Czochanski Bisaro

The countdown to back-to-college is on, which means there’s only a few weeks left to create the ultimate back-to-school wardrobe. Luckily, you won’t have to go far, because Goodwill is full of Gen Z trends.

Starting off the school year on the right foot and making a great first impression is important. You want to show up sharp and put together, which is easy when you’re dressed to impress. When you shop at Goodwill, you’re not only sure to find amazing deals on the latest trends, statement pieces and staples, but you’re also giving those items a second life. This helps protect our environment. You can also feel good knowing your purchase supports no-cost skills training and workforce development programs for your community. All of this makes it a win-win to shop secondhand.

Take a look at some of these cool, trendy Goodwill finds that are perfect for returning to campus. Don’t forget to tag @goodwillsoutheastga in your Instagram posts with your own back-to-school shopping hauls for a chance to be featured in a future article!

1. Mixing Textures and Styles

a crop top and black pants

It almost felt like fate when I came across this outfit pairing together on the rack at Goodwill. The bright orange mohair sweater is scoop-neck and cropped, making it the perfect match for the black high-waisted, flare corduroy pants it’s paired with. I love this outfit for fall because it mixes different Gen Z trends, while also helping you look great for class. Not to mention, the full outfit would be under $20!

2. Day-to-Night Dress

green denim dress

This light-washed green denim dress is a great back-to-school staple for any college student who has a late-night class. I remember some of my college classes wouldn’t end until 10 p.m., meaning I’d finish class then head right to whatever social event was happening that night. Pairing this dress with a pair of booties and a sweater for class is the perfect move so you can shed layers as needed to become more casual at night. Convenience can go a long way in college!

3. Square Toe Sandals

Square-toe sandals

This summer’s ‘it’ sandal will still be popular going into fall. The chunky heel makes them versatile and easy to wear on longer walks or longer nights, while the straps make it perfect for dressing up or down. The next time you’re browsing the shoe rack at Goodwill, don’t forget to look for any heels in your size that you might be able to wear to one of the early semester social events to get ahead of the game.

Looking for more inspiration?

Make sure to visit the blog next week for more ways Goodwill can supercharge back-to-school looks for all ages, whether you're headed to the playground or the college quad!

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