Defying the Odds: Tay's Milestone Celebration

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Goodwill Southeast Georgia's Rincon retail store celebrated its 10th anniversary last week. Alongside the big milestone, Tay, one of the store’s eBooks clerks, celebrated one of his own.

Tay was working at the store on day one, and it’s not only a job he loves, he credits it with giving him his independence back after he was shot in the head.

“Some people say I’m lucky to be alive. Once you get shot in the head, you’re dead. But I’m the lucky one. Three months, I was in a coma. But I made it out.” 

Rincon Goodwill Associate Tay
Tay gives a tour of his workspace at the Rincon Goodwill.

Tay shares he was in a wheelchair for the next 9 months. He says he was “porch-bound”, sidelined while activity was going on all around him. As an active person, Tay says it was difficult to stay patient through his recovery. Tay worked hard in therapy and regained function on one side of his body. He was able to rejoin the workforce.

“One thing about me, if I put my mind to (my goals), I’m going to succeed, he shares.  

After some time in another retail position, Tay joined the Rincon store when it opened in 2013. He worked as a donation attendant, greeting people and helping to unload their donations. Tay says it was there that he grew to love Goodwill’s mission. 

“I like helping people. It makes my day. That is why I come to work. I got one hand; some other people have two (to work with). Either way it goes, I love what I do."


He laughs as he shares after ten years at the store, “half of Rincon, everybody knows me.”  

Outside of work, Tay says he fuels his competitive streak with his billiards skills! 

“I’m dangerous at it,” he says with a big grin.  

It's just another way the longtime Rincon associate is pushing himself to be at his best every day. 

“No matter what (my managers) put me at, I’m going to succeed,” Tay says.  

Ashlyn Flowers

Ashlyn Flowers

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