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Second Chance Month:
Terri Johnson's Story

April is Second Chance Month. Each year more than 620,000 people are released from federal, state, and local prisons. These individuals face challenges and barriers as they try to reconnect with their communities.  

This is an issue associates at Goodwill Southeast Georgia are working non-stop to address. In 2020, local Goodwills served 47,610 people with a criminal background—including giving a second chance to returning citizens. 

Second Chance Month Terri

Here at Goodwill Southeast Georgia, we give returning citizens a chance to grow. One of the best examples of this growth is our Plant Manager at G-Force Manufacturing, Terri Johnson. 

“Being previously incarcerated, I faced challenges with job searching, but I have persevered, thanks to G-Force (Goodwill) and their belief in second chances.  It was time for me to re-build my status as a role model and, G-Force allowed me that opportunity.” 

Johnson says before finding G-Force, it was difficult for her to find full-time employment. She says her husband, who was working at Goodwill at the time, encouraged her to speak with leaders there.  

Production floor at G-Force

After interviewing, Johnson was hired as a Logistic Coordinator. She says she appreciated the opportunity to show her current skills, while learning new software in her role.  

“G-Force gave me the opportunity to advance, and it was through their belief in me that I have progressed through the ranks.” 

Johnson has served as the G-Force Plant Manager for more than 6 years now and has been with Goodwill for more than 10 years.  

“I am an advocate for Goodwill and their belief in providing a Journey to Success for returning citizens facing barriers. While I still face challenges, I am thankful to Goodwill to provide me all opportunities to learn and advance and to be in a position to help others do the same.” 


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