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The Cycle Of Good

Is it too late to be good? Never.

Goodwill Southeast Georgia prides itself with continuing the “Cycle of Good” even more as we enter the holidays. This holiday season, give joy to your world without breaking the bank. The best part is you can find a variety of quality items to give from Goodwill. When shopping at Goodwill, you aren’t just gifting your loved ones at sustainably low prices but you’re also putting people in our community to work this time of year, connecting them to the vital support, training, and job opportunities they need. 

Now that’s the gift that keeps on giving.  Not convinced? Well this article kicks off our 2023 Thriftmas series and dives into a few items that I found while shopping at our Goodwill on Eisenhower and how with every purchase I created a second life. Now let's dive into the real reason we’re here: To break Andy’s curse in time for Christmas! 

To infinity and beyond!

In a season where toys come to life, most of us can recall Pixar’s film “Toy Story”. Seven year-old Andy starts the film playing with his toys and as the sequels were produced we see Andy grow in age becoming less and less interested in his toys. As children move to the next steps of their development this is normal, but what hasn’t been normalized is what to do with their items as they outgrow them. While shopping in the toy section of this Goodwill I found  two gently used bicycles that I decided just needed… a little extra love. Items like this may outgrow your child, but there's another little one ready to reach for the stars and you can help!

We've done our duty. Andy's grown up.

The kids are playing with their toys less. Now what? While some toys have been loved harder or not made to last very long, there are some good manufacturers out there that allow certain toys to sustain and find a new home to belong. I found learning toys like cash registers to jumpstart financial literacy early in the playing space, deluxe doctor kits which can spark early career interest, and even a weather terrarium! Sometimes kids may just outgrow particular interests, so get creative with Goodwill and bring awareness to second-hand giving this season and allow your toys to find a new home, as well as be open to having yours filled with gently used items. 


Let’s take the hassle out of holidays at Goodwill.

Who said anything about trash bags?

Find your location goodwill here.

Don’t place gently used toys on the curb this season. Help us keep as many toys out of the landfill as possible. Items such as these play sets, plush animals, trucks, and even games like darts can find a new home at Goodwill. Always consider donating so that you can give another child the chance to be merry. Try setting aside the toys you will donate in boxes or clear containers so that no one can mistake them for trash, not even Andy’s mom (Andy’s toys are mistaken for trash in Toy Story 3). 

So instead of the trash, let's look at the Sunnyside (another toy story reference) and continue the cycle of Goodwill this holiday season!

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