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Kitchen renovation, re-designing, and redecoration are words that can either excite you or make you nervous. If you have decided that it is time to update your kitchen, carefully think about your plans, ideas, and most importantly your budget! Some key ideas to keep in mind while making your plans are:

  1. Do you have adequate storage for all of your food, dishes, key appliances (such as microwave, dishwasher, sink, etc.)
  2. Do you have easy to reach cabinets?
  3. Do you have enough counter space for tasks such as cooking, mixing & rolling out the dough for the pie, stacking dirty dishes in the sink?

Now comes the task at hand: how to put into action your design on a budget? What can you do if you want a kitchen table to merge in with the counter tops? Is entertaining a big part of your lifestyle? Are you planning on hosting dinner parties where a major part of the event is held in the kitchen and dining room? If so, you do not want your kitchen to look overcrowded with items. It may seem like a lot of things to consider, but do not let these questions overwhelm you!

The golden ticket question-
How to do all this on a budget?
One word: Goodwill!

Goodwill has all the answers to all the above questions. All you need to do now is find what you are looking for and place it where you intend.

Goodwill has a huge variety of everything you need to help re-design your kitchen! More than 2000 new items find their way onto the shelves each day in 3000 of the stores across the United States and Canada.

The question still remains how to find everything which you need. Head to one of the many Goodwill stores in the Coastal Empire and start looking! We are very fortunate to have many stores, and locations are in close proximity to each other, making it a breeze to hit 3 or 4 in one day (I did just that, this past weekend)!

Look for things that fall in your budget. As I mentioned early, this is your kitchen, your design!

Goodwill stores have items for the retro inspired hostess like an aqua colored milkshake maker for only $6.99. Going for a more traditional look?


How about a Lenox tea set still in the box for $10 or a large decorative bowl to really make your décor “pop”.

dinnerware-setAre you hosting your first family Christmas dinner? Christmas dishes can cost upwards of $100! I found 2 FULL sets of Christmas dinnerware for only $10 each! Do you have a window seat carved out in your new kitchen? Find cushions for only $2.99.

mugsCooler weather is right around the corner, curl up with a cup of apple cider in your fall inspired coffee mugs, which you can get at Goodwill for only $0.99 each.

Are you planning on doing a lot of baking in your kitchen? If so don’t forget to get a set of canisters for your flour, white sugar, and brown sugar.

canistersThe best thing about Goodwill is that you never know what you will find, and there is something for every budget. It will definitely lie within your budget. Don’t forget to donate the items you no longer need! Those items may turn out to be just what someone else needs for their dream kitchen.

This Mommy Saves Money
This Mommy Saves Money
Melissa King, a Savannah resident and professional savings blogger, joins our Goodwill community with savvy shopping Goodwill deals and tips for shopping at Goodwill. Melissa is the wife of an emergency room travel nurse and the mother of a school-age son who faced tight times several years ago and learned couponing and savvy shopping to make ends meet. Now, saving money and sharing that knowledge is her passion. Melissa teaches regular couponing classes and has been featured in All You, Consumer Digest. and Parents magazines. She is also a Deal Pro, Mom Ambassador and a She Heard Blogger. Follow her blog at for daily updates, deals, and tips.