Style By J’s Guide to Goodwill

Style By J’s Guide to Goodwill

Hi Guys!

I know shopping is not your favorite hobby or your favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings! However, Goodwill has some of the BEST DEALS in the city that you can find . This week we’re going to start with Accessories!

Accessories can make or break your outfit! At Goodwill there are plenty of accessories to choose from that you can buy to bring out your outfit.

When you have a job interview or a last minute business meeting stop in Goodwill to pick up a tie out of their amazing selection. These ties can also be a great stocking stuffer or a nice birthday gift!

You can also score a nice pair of shoes from your local Goodwill also! Shoes MAKE OR BREAK an outfit! Goodwill has all of your latest shoes; from sneakers to loafers! Loafers are great for your business casual outfit (dress shirt and pants) or your favorite suit!

The key to shopping at Goodwill is taking your time. Browse through everything Goodwill has to offer in the aisles. You will be surprised what kind of hidden gems you can find! So Next Saturday take an hour and go to your closest Goodwill store and shop away!

Happy Shopping!

Styles By J