Store Policies


  • Goodwill applies the single largest discount to your purchase. “Color of the Week” or “99 Cent” specials may not be combined with any other discount.
  • 7 day return policy for store credit. Must return to the store of original purchase, have receipt and color tag(s) on items.
  • Electric and mechanical items must be returned with receipt within 72 hours for store credit.
  • All sales are final on books and “99 Cent” items.
  • All furniture must be picked up within 24 hours.


Our merchandise comes from public donations so we believe that it’s only fair every customer has an equal opportunity to purchase the items in our stores.

Our associates are not permitted to shop in the store where they work.

Merchandise may not be reserved or set aside for anyone.

If you believe someone is not acting fairly and in accordance with this policy, please call (866) 654-3199.