In the minds of many, Goodwill is the place to drop off donations and shop at cheaper prices.

The nonprofit organization brings a lot more to the table, though. Goodwill’s overarching mission is to help community members find jobs.

“The store is only a small portion of what we do,” said Parker Kitchens, branch manager for Goodwill staffing services, at a breakfast meeting held Friday to educate local business and organization leaders about Goodwill’s Job Connection Center services in Brunswick.

Goodwill Southeast Georgia serves 29 counties in Georgia and four counties in South Carolina. That area coverage includes 17 retail stores and four career centers.

“Those career centers are extremely important in those communities,” Kitchens said. “… We do have a big impact on the community because we have a lot of people coming in to use our resources.”

The Job Connection Center, located directly beside the Goodwill store in Brunswick, located at 249 Village at Glynn Place, offers workshops, professional development, GED courses and computer access. The center’s staff provides résumé and interviewing skills training and teach courses in hospitality training, soft skills development and computer skills.

Goodwill aims to partner with local businesses to help employers find quality employees and to improve community members’ hiring potential.

“We’re in a situation where we’ve got people around here who need to go to work,” Kitchens said. “We’ve got employers who need jobs filled, and we’ve got citizens in our community who need to go to work, but there’s a gap there.”

Goodwill’s Job Connection Center staff in Brunswick hopes to find ways to address that gap.

The center has an ongoing partnership with International Auto Processing at the Port of Brunswick, through which Goodwill can connect people with immediate job opportunities with the company.