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Recently we discussed what to wear to a job interview. You aced the interview and you get a phone call saying you got the job! Congratulations. Now what? You need a wardrobe for your new job! Do not panic. The reality is that you simply need a couple blazers, shirts, pants, and one or two pairs of dress shoes. This was my plight last month. I aced three interviews, received not 1 but 3 job offers, and accepted the one that I felt was the best fit for me and my family. I was concerned about getting a professional wardrobe going while staying within my budget. Going from working from home in yoga pants, to wearing professional clothes five days a week, could be expensive if you are not careful. By shopping at Goodwill, it will allow you to buy the clothes you need without breaking the bank. Here is some good advice you keep in mind when embarking on your search for on-the-job clothes at Goodwill.


Choose Function Over Form

Don’t buy that super-dressy but flimsy dress shirt. Instead, go for the durable one. You can easily find blouses at Goodwill for under $7! Your tops do not have to be anything super fancy, but if you can find one that looks pretty at the same time, by all means, buy it and make it work. This is why I suggest to choose function over form. The same should go for your pants. Instead of buying a pair of thin, form-fitting pants, buy a of nice dress slacks. Dress slacks go with a multitude of tops. I bought two pairs of dress slacks. One pair of black slacks, and one pair of brown slacks. These two pairs of pairs combined with the three pairs of dress slacks I already had at home, gave me a pair of slacks for every day of the work week!

Vary Your Color and Clothing Selections

Goodwill shopping is all about getting the most bang for your buck. When you walk in to the store, already have a list in your head (or in your hand) for what sort of clothing items you are looking to buy. You do not want to buy items that are necessarily out of style or not popular. It’s not a good look to walk into work the first day looking like you came out of a time machine from 1992. That is one of the things I love about Goodwill, you never know what treasures you may find!


Buy items that are practical

Make sure you are buying several different dress shirts, different pants, and at least two or three different blazers so you can mix and match your looks. It’s also incredibly important to vary the selection of your accessories. A lot of people overlook the importance of a great pair of dress shoes, but these are the probably the most integral part of your set-up. If you are going to spend the most money on one or more of your items at the store, make sure it is your shoes. Your shoes will be taking a beating and you want a pair of shoes that fit your feet well, and give you enough support while you are working. For this component of my work outfit, I typically visit 2 – 3 different Goodwill locations, in order to find the perfect pair of shoes!
When you go shopping at Goodwill, your main priority, aside from getting good deals and lots of clothing, should be to leave having purchased extremely appealing pieces that you can interchange with other clothing pieces in your closet. At the end of the day, starting a new job should be fun and exciting, but it’s no fun if you don’t look the part. Keep this advice in mind, and there’s no doubt you’ll be looking super snazzy at your new job. Congratulations again on your job, and get ready to wow your peers in your job; not only with your skills but also with your wardrobe that you scored at Goodwill!

This Mommy Saves Money
This Mommy Saves Money
Melissa King, a Savannah resident and professional savings blogger, joins our Goodwill community with savvy shopping Goodwill deals and tips for shopping at Goodwill. Melissa is the wife of an emergency room travel nurse and the mother of a school-age son who faced tight times several years ago and learned couponing and savvy shopping to make ends meet. Now, saving money and sharing that knowledge is her passion. Melissa teaches regular couponing classes and has been featured in All You, Consumer Digest. and Parents magazines. She is also a Deal Pro, Mom Ambassador and a She Heard Blogger. Follow her blog at for daily updates, deals, and tips.