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Every college student has dreams to have their own personal space, where they can spend some time on his own. For many students, college dorm rooms are the first place of freedom where they can feel the liberty to do what they want to. Your dorm room holds importance in your educational life. While at college, you will spend a large amount of time studying, sleeping, and living in this room. First things first, make sure your room is neat, clean, and well decorated to make you feel at home. You may find that some items like furniture, electronics, and art pieces that would allow you to really show your personality and taste, could cost you a good fortune. As a college student, you may be on a small budget. This is where Goodwill stores come in handy. You can buy items for your dorm rooms, at extremely affordable prices! Your dorm room does not come supplied with much. Most rooms have a bed for sleeping, a study desk, a small closet and dresser — that’s it!

Bed Sets


When you move into a new dorm room, you will need a new bed set for yourself. No more Winnie the Pooh, or One Direction bed sets. When was the last time you looked at the many options at our local Goodwill stores? One of my favorite finds was a Ralph Lauren bed set: comforter, sheets, bed skirt, and shams for only $25!!! The set was still in the original packaging, and the retail price was $150! My favorite part was that it was a coastal theme design, which fits my décor perfectly!

Art Pieces

Who doesn’t love art? Whether you are a ten year old or adult in your fifties, your love for art never dies. The same goes for college going students. Savannah is very lucky to have such an artistic community. I love looking for art pieces that were made by local Savannah College of Art & Design students. You can decorate the walls of your room with beautiful paintings, portraits of your favorite celebrities, and with other decoration pieces, all of which are available at our Goodwill stores. I found a beautiful photograph of Forsyth Park at Goodwill that I have framed and is a focal point in my home.

Books and Shelves

Books are one the most important items you will need during your educational life. You will also need shelves to keep them! You can find an array of different sizes and styles of bookshelves to house your books!  If you want to add to your collection, books at Goodwill start at only $0.39! That is a great deal!

There are so many Goodwill stores in the Coastal Empire, it really is like a scavenger hunt, you never know what you will find when you go shopping!

This Mommy Saves Money
This Mommy Saves Money
Melissa King, a Savannah resident and professional savings blogger, joins our Goodwill community with savvy shopping Goodwill deals and tips for shopping at Goodwill. Melissa is the wife of an emergency room travel nurse and the mother of a school-age son who faced tight times several years ago and learned couponing and savvy shopping to make ends meet. Now, saving money and sharing that knowledge is her passion. Melissa teaches regular couponing classes and has been featured in All You, Consumer Digest. and Parents magazines. She is also a Deal Pro, Mom Ambassador and a She Heard Blogger. Follow her blog at for daily updates, deals, and tips.