What To Donate

Do Donate

  • Goodwill Southeast Georgia accepts a wide range of gently used items that are in working and sell-able condition. This includes but isn’t limited to: clothing, books, furniture, computers, and all kinds of other household items.

    Moving? Maybe your closet is full with clothes you haven’t worn in years. Maybe the playroom is full of toy and the kids are off to college.

    If the answer is yes, bring them to Goodwill Southeast Georgia. You’ll get rid of some of that clutter in your bedroom, office, attic, or garage and you’ll help us put people to work.

    We have 24 donation locations to make donating to Goodwill easy.
    Find the location nearest you.

Don't Donate

  • There are some items we cannot accept in the interest of shopper safety and the high cost of disposal. We cannot accept the following items.
  • Anything broken, damaged or not working, except computers or electronics
  • Televisions
  • Mattresses & box springs
  • Large appliances – e.g. refrigerators, stoves, washer-dryers
  • Chemicals / oils – e.g. pesticides, flammable, toxic materials, paint 
  • Medical equipment – e.g. C-pap, beds, orthopedic appliances
  • Building materials – e.g. paint, drywall, bricks, insultation
  • Baby equipment or furniture – e.g. strollers, car seats, pack’n’plays

Dell Reconnect - Technology recycling with Goodwill®

Technology is improving every day. Today’s computers are quickly leaving yesterday’s systems in the past — or in your closet, basement or attic.

Out-of-date workstations and devices are worth a lot to Goodwill. In fact, we’ve partnered with Dell Reconnect to help you easily and responsibly recycle household electronic wares.

Simply bring your old computer equipment of any brand, in any condition, to one of our locations and we’ll make sure your system and accessories are recycled responsibly in compliance with Dell’s strict Electronic Disposition Policy. We ensure that no environmentally sensitive materials will be sent to landfills and no items will be exported to developing countries. Learn More.